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Foreign Military Aircraft, All Nations (1903-Present)
Cost $159.95-$189.95 ea.(NEW LOW PRICE)
Model #DescriptionScaleWing
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F0124F1WSopwith Camel F.1 WWI British1/2414.5"9.8"
F0224F1WFokker DR.1 WWI Germany1/2412"9.8"
F0332F2WME-109E Emil WWII Germany1/3212"11"
F0432F2WFW-190A WWII Germany1/3212.8"11"
F0532B2WJU-87B Stuka WWII Germany1/3217"13.5"
F0632F2WME-262A Swallow WWII Germany1/3215.5"13"
F0832F2WSpitfire MK.VB WWII Britain1/3213.8"11.5"
EJR1248F2RSpitfire MK.1 WWII Britain1/489"6"
F0932F2WHurricane MK.11C WWII Britain1/3215.1"11.8"
F13332F2WMosquito FB.VI WWII Britain1/3220.4"15.3"
F1072B2WLancaster MK.1 WWII Britain1/7226.8"12"
F0732F2WZero A6M5 WWII Japan1/3213.5"11"
F1748F3WCF-105 Arrow Canada1/4812.5"19.8"
F1148F3WSU-27 Flanker Russia1/4812"11.8"
F1248F3WMIG-29 Fulcrum Russia1/4810.1"14.8"

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