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Civilian / Business / Unusual Aircraft From Around The World (1918-Present)
Cost $159.95-$189.95 ea.(NEW LOW PRICE)
Model #DescriptionScaleWing
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H1648H4WThe Wright Flyer ($199.95)   

H0132C1WRyan Spirit of St. Louis1/3217.5"17.5"
H0748C2WLockheed Electra L-10-E (A. Earhart Plane)1/4812.8"9.6"
G3820W3WHughes HK-1 Spruce Goose1/20019.3"13.3"
H0324C2WPiper J-3 Cub1/2416.5"11.3"
H0232C1WBeech G-17S Staggerwing1/3213"10"
H0424C2WPiper PA-18 Super Cub1/2418"11.3"
H0524C2WBeech A-36 Bonanza1/2416.5"13.5"
H0624C2WCessna C-172 Skyhawk1/2418"13.3"
H1140C3RCessna Citation S-111/4012"12"
H0848C3RGates-Learjet 35A1/489.3"12"
ESAF021UFWSpad XIII (Natural Wood)1/2015.8"12.3"

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